The National Spill Secrets on Reddit
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It's hard to argue against The National being one of the biggest bands in the current indie-rock spectrum. The music world is fervently following their every step, and lately, they've provided a lot to keep up with. Leading up to the release of their sixth studio album, Trouble Will Find Me (5/20), Matt Berninger and co. have been extremely busy with additional endeavors like premiering a feature-length documentary and sitting in as a work of art at MoMA. Today, right around the same time they revealed their exceptional "Sea Of Love" music video (below), The National took to the interwebs and hosted their very own Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), welcoming a barrage of questions from friends and trolls. They definitely spilled some solid info, but that's the type of stuff you can find in a common interview. We believe the beauty of an AMA lies in its ability to create a connection between an artist and their fans. You can see up-close the human qualities of those we admire everyday through our earbuds or from the nosebleeds of a major venue. So we generally handpick the dumbest and quirkiest comments from the bunch, especially in this AMA considering The National are such an ominous bunch. Here are our favorites:

    We still suggest reading into their serious side. You can see the entire AMA here.

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