Future and Chance the Rapper Hit Their Peak On New Collaboration
    • MONDAY, MAY 07, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    You would think pairing Chance the Rapper along with an artist who almost exclusively dabblesin melancholy raps would go together as well as orange juice and toothpaste. At least that's what I thought when I saw Chance's newest collaboration with Future. But the duo's brand new track "My Peak" is full of plenty of "aigh!" moments, as well as melancholy assertions like, "You don't fuck with me". The best of both worlds.

    Future is writing the soundtrack to the Director X-remake of the ultra-classic film, SuperFly. Just last month he dropped "No Shame"; a soul-infused, autotune-drenched track that warbly repeats, "There ain't no shame in my game", and is probably one of the better Future songs that's been released since his unfortunate stint with DJ Esco. It even includes a sexy guitar riff (who doesn't love those?).

    "My Peak" combines plunking piano melodies with trap drums that sound haunting against Chance's steady repetition of, "Nothin' come for free, nothin' come for free". The chorus is that jangling, mumbling whisper of a rap Future does so well; a little more melodic and upbeat than usual. It's not totally clear whether or not this track was made for the SuperFly soundtrack or not, but either way we're psyched to see what the Future holds.

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