Throwback Thursdays: The Power Pop Tenacity Of Lonely Forest
    • THURSDAY, MAY 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I don't know why but I'm feeling really nostalgic for my time as a Baeble intern today. I'm the Managing Editor of the site now, and I haven't been an intern since the Spring of 2012, but I find myself listening to the bands I loved that semester more often than almost any other period of my life. It's weird. And one of the defining bands of that period for me was Washington alternative power-pop quartet The Lonely Forest.

    When the band dropped Arrows back in 2011, a lot of us were sure they were the next big band to break through the indie scene and into the mainstream, but then, after releasing 2013's Adding Up The Wasted Hours, the band announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus last year, and we haven't heard anything from The Lonely Forest since. So, The Lonely Forest, just know that we miss you here at Baeble and we can't wait for you to get back together and put out new tunes. Until then, be sure to check out our exclusive concert with them from 2011 shot at The Phoenix.

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