t.g.i. mixtape 58
    • FRIDAY, MAY 07, 2010

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    This week we shot two shows, including a secret one. That's a good week! It was also my birthday on Wednesday. That's a good day! It was also Cinco De Mayo, which meant a great happy hour full of margaritas. That's a good hour! And we have a new site! Really, this week has just been chock full of good times. Let's share a cold one and ponder all these great minutes of tunes.

    This weeks mixtape is kind of heavy on the DANCING, so put on some comfy shoes and get kind of drunk! See you on the cool side of the pillow. -joe

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    1. "I Want You" - Cee-Lo
    Man, Cee-Lo is great. We talked about this already this week. I know this is a radio rip, don't shoot me DAD, I'm only at the Hot Topic with my friends, man! I need a new Pokemon shirt, or whatever kids think is cool these days. iCarly!

    2. "Maximalist" - Baths - Baths
    This music is so hip, I had to eat sustainable food for a week to even mention it. I also almost had to delete my Dave Mathews Band collection from my iTunes, until I convinced everyone in Green Point that it was just a joke, no homo, fair trade bananas.

    3. "I'm Back" - T.I.
    I know this song is a few weeks old and whatever, but I forgot to put it on an earlier mixtape, and I'm pretty sure I will be using it as the warm-up music for my first annual Twenty-Something Croquet Tournament in Prospect Park. I created it to be able to talk about Baths.

    4. "Black Sheep" - Suckers - Wild Smile
    No jokes here. Got the record Wednesday, saw them Thursday, and Suckers is my favorite new band of the week by Friday. Yeah Stereogum has been on them for a while but whatever, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and I'm not sure how that applies to this situation. I JUST LIKE IT.

    5. "aNYway" - Duck Sauce
    Another oldie-but-goodie. The Disco-house collaboration between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, entitled Duck Sauce, literally makes me lose my mind every time I hear it. Nevermind the incredible retro video for "aNYway", the track itself is a Friday night winner.

    6. "Ghost Pressure" - Wolf Parade - Expo 86
    OK, now we got some new stuff. I think I usually prefer Dan tracks to Spencer tracks. Either way, Expo 86 is going to melt some Wolf Parade-loving faces if the first two tracks are a good indication.

    7. "I Don't Wanna Lose You" - Rooney - Eureka
    Rooney's new album is coming out soon, and I've always had a soft spot for their classic California pop. This is their new song. Poppy and wonderful. Surfs up, listen to it twenty times and get a tan.

    8. "Becoming A Jackal" - Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
    We previewed Conor J O'Brien's musical alias Villagers a few weeks back. In the month or so since that time, the Dublin-based musician's bull-bodied acoustic construction has been on repeat at Baeble HQ. Can't wait for more tunes to surface as we lurk a little closer to Villagers' debut album of the same name gets released via Domino on June 6th.

    9. "Learn How to Hang" - David Vandervelde - David Vandervelde
    This new jam from mega-talented Chicago based multi-instrumentalist David Vandervelde was in line to play on last week's mix tape...and then it was cut. For that gross error in judgment, the totally tubular vibe that moves through this one was logged in my head ALL WEEK. Not that that's a bad thing of course. But I would hate to see the repercussions of ignoring it another week. "Learn How To Hang" is from a virtual 7" (huh?) series David is working on via Secretly Canadian.

    10. "Latin America" - Holy Fuck - Latin
    A tease if you will. The first single from Holy F*ck's upcoming album Latin is all over the internet's at the moment. But we're sending you into the weekend aboard the Canadian band's mighty electro rock in honor of next week's concert release. The band headlined our SXSW showcase in Austin, and we'll be bringing you that video in all it's glory this coming Tuesday!

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