The Playful 90s Pop Rock Of Parlour Tricks
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    What do Haim and Bridesmaids have in common? They helped make Wilson Phillips cool again. Bridesmaids accomplished this through a "Hold On" sing-along, and Haim did it through sonic acknowledgments of that sort of 90s pop-rock vocal harmonies. You can add NYC's indie pop act Parlour Tricks to the growing list of bands that owe Wilson Phillips a debt of gratitude.

    We're premiering Parlour Trick's new single, "The Storm," and with its playful harmonies, propulsive guitar riffs, and thumping rhythm section, it's a must listen for Haim fans, Wilson Phillips fans, and any fans of the 90s pop-revivalism renaissance we're currently living in.

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