Maribou State Release 'The Clown'
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Maribou State is the next big thing. After dropping pretty fantastic remixes of popular songs, the burgeoning electronic duo is ready to leave their fingerprint on the electronic scene akin to other popular European electronic acts like Disclosure. If Disclosure and Sam Smith taught us anything, it's that a good vocalist will always make your song better. The same can be said about Maribou State's new jam "The Clown" featuring Pedestrian.

    "The Clown" is a thumper. With shuffling drum kicks, delicate piano, and soaring synths, the song carries a minimalist tune before exploding into a sea of melodies. Pedestrian brings a strong sense of purpose on the vocals, almost whispering, "I did what I had to/for you, for you, for you..." The song is exactly the kind of tune that will rip up clubs and dance floors this summer. The production is top notch as well, with no sound becoming too overwhelming. We caught up with Maribou State to talk about the new song and what they've been up to.

    How has the London music scene effected your style?

    Maribou State: Although we didn't grown up in London, we would travel into the city a lot when we were younger to party. Mostly to clubs like Turnmills, Fabric and Canvas with our friends, which was our first introduction to club culture. These encounters with electronic/dance music way back then, in some way or another, have remained a constant thread in the music we listen to and the music we make; although tastes have changed slightly since then!

    What was it like recording the Radio 1 Residency Show? What did you learn from it?

    Recording the live tracks at Maida Vale was an incredible experience, which were really grateful for. Finding out that Radio 1 wanted to hand us the reins for the Residency Show was the icing on the cake. Being that it was our first time in a radio studio, there was much to learn

    How many variations of the album did you go through or were you satisfied with your original recordings? Did the process come easy?

    I think for the most part we were quite content with the original recordings we laid down, although it very much varied from track to track. With some of the songs on the LP we were lucky enough to put them together in a short space of time, with no major amendments being made from the demo stages to the final version. Others were less forgiving. Not counting the large number of loops and ideas that never saw the light of day.

    When did you guys start working together? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    We've been working together for a number of years now, since we were both about 16 or 17. Having two of us has got be one of the main strengths. If one of us is lagging, or feeling shattered from touring, then generally the other one is motivated enough to get back in the studio and push things forward. We both kind of act as ying and yang in some respects. In terms of our weaknesses, I feel that we probably try and do too much at once, which is great as it means we are constantly working on something new but we've still got a lot to learn in terms of pacing ourselves. It's hard not to get too caught up in everything that's going on.

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