new music video: lady gaga
    • FRIDAY, MAY 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    I will say this: at least it's disturbing-alien-birth-free. Lady Gaga debuted her music video for "Judas" yesterday and, suprise surprise, it's littered with controversy. She lays on the offensive-ish statements pretty thick, beginning with a biker posse of gangsters, all donning leather jackets each with an Apostle's name plastered on the back. As for the biker boy she clings to? He's wearing a golden crown of thorns. No, I'm not kidding.

    At this point, she seems to have exceeded the plain bizarre and travelled into an interpretation that is too confusing to even appear to have a direction. What's with the eighteenth-century costume close-ups? And the dance routines wearing a bandana headband? It is a little bit interesting, however, that even though the song is clearly all about Judas, music-video-Gaga appears to be focused mainly on the character of Jesus. She contrasts the indulging sinner expressed in the lyrics with an apologetic devotion to her "savior" in her actions throughout the video. What does it mean?!? Maybe it's pointless to look into it too much, considering a large part of the creation's purpose is probably spawned from a blatant desire to just push as many boundaries as possible.

    On the upside, at least her weird horns are gone.

    Watch Lady Gaga's new music video for "Judas" below.

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