album review: the antlers
    • FRIDAY, MAY 06, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Hospice, The Antlers' debut opus, was the Brooklyn trio's passport out of obscurity. Frontman, Peter Silberman, enticed listeners into his meticulously sculpted narrative by using his parable of an abusive relationship. Listening to the album offered the audience an artistic experience that is habitually absent in modern music. Like reading a Paluhniuk, or watching a Lynch, the conclusion of Hospice baffled and tickled the subconscious. To follow-up their tremendous creation, The Antlers elected an alternative, musical route. Their second full-length, Burst Apart, lacks the anecdotal concepts of its predecessor. Sequels are a risky trade, as a flop would question the integrity of the original. The Antlers weren't trying to create their Godfather II, and so their latest detaches itself from the acclaimed chronicle. Similar to The Antlers' efforts, let us isolate ourselves from the original, in order to examine Burst Apart from an unbiased perspective.

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