'The Weather' Displays Pond in All of Their Beautiful Psych-Rock Glory
    • FRIDAY, MAY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Today, Pond is out with The Weather, the latest album that displays them in all of their psych-rock glory. If you don't already know, Pond is sort of like the baby brother of Tame Impala, with a few Tame members like Jay Watson and a lot of the production work being done by Kevin Parker. Frontman Nick Allbrook lets his airy yet distorted vocals take over differently in each song, echoing with tons of reverb and other effects that add a delightful charm to each track. A noticeable transformation is evident compared to their previous albums Man It Feels Like Space Again, Hobo Rocket, and Beard, Wives, and Denim - there's more confidence and diversity.

    One standout track is the catchy "Sweep Me Off My Feet," which makes for a good easy listen lyrically. Another standout is the personal favorite, "Paint Me Sliver" - it's truly psychedelic bliss, with super experimental elements, yet controlled. The title track is one of the chiller tracks that features some pop sensibilities.

    Their experimental sound has always fused genres while maintaining structure, but they master this even more so on this latest effort... We can confirm we'll be playing this one a lot this weekend.

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