Hoops Dish on Their Latest Album 'Routines' in New Interview
    • FRIDAY, MAY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    About a year ago, I trekked to Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Whitney, but I had no idea that the opening act Hoops would leave me with my jaw on the ground, lookin' like a complete idiot. Fast forward to now, and the Indiana indie rockers, Drew, Kevin, and Keegan, are sitting in the Baeble office, ready to answer any and all questions.

    What moved me the most during their live show was how much energy they packed into their performance. I wasn't familiar with any of the songs at the time, but I was getting into them - how could I not when the band is so into it, in all of their bouncy bass, slacker guitar riff glory? I asked them if their new album was going to contain that same energy, "When we're in the studio, we have more at our disposal. We can fill the energy space through adding different instruments or just different production styles, but when you're putting that in the context of playing live with only five people on stage it's like we're a little limited with what we can do so we fill that space with being energetic or playing things a little differently..." Kevin explained. "Making it heavy," Keegan chimed in.

    Their new album, Routines, just dropped today, "we tried to explore some more synthesizer-oriented territory on this one. Some poppier kind of song structure as opposed to guitar riff after guitar riff," Keegan said. "There's plenty of riffs though...Don't get us wrong," Kevin added at the end, as if not having enough guitar could be a huge setback (which is true).

    The band will be going on tour now that the album is out, and Kevin encourages you to approach the band for photos after you catch a live show, "if you wanna take photos with us, that's awesome, we'd love it." Drew, on the other hand, not so much, "just know that I don't like it." We were curious as to what was coming next for the group after the tour as well, "I'm gonna try to get a job and do yoga," Drew said right before looking directly into the camera, begging the world to hire him. As for Kevin? "Maybe start exercising." Well, we're glad that no matter how many shows they play and how many fan photos they take, they'll always stay modest about it.

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