Baeble First Play: The People's Blues of Richmond Premiere
    • THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Lea Weatherby

    The People's Blues of Richmond are a different kind of rock band. One that seems to be happily detached from any one particular genre. Although the band's sound is undoubtedly influenced by classic, alternative and progressive rock composition, the groups execution of their own sound, as well as the ease in which they seem to have defined it, is so fluid that their stylistic convolution feels new, if not entirely uncharted until now.

    "The whole concept behind People's Blues of Richmond, Beavers says, "is that we all struggle, we all experience pain. Life is full of highs and lows, and we all work hard to survive. So we do the only thing we know how-we get out on the road, and we keep moving forward. We become a part of something bigger than ourselves."

    Supported by intermittently hurling instrumentals, the track elicits moments of catharsis before erupting with Tim Beavers' shivering, and stunningly deliberate vocals. "Red-Eyed and Brain-Fried" is an urgent ballad that beautifully chronicles the perils of drug addiction.

    Check out this exceptional track off of their forthcoming album, "Quit or Die," set to drop, June 10th.

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