ASTR Are Weird And Wild And Just A Little Bit Insane In Concert
    • THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    12:30 in the afternoon is not an easy spot to absolutely own, especially on a week day, especially at SXSW. 12:30PM SX time is like 6:30AM normal time. People have been out all night consuming unconscious amounts of alcohol (and other?), they've just rolled out of bed, the caffeine hasn't quite kicked in, and the hazy darkness of a club feels like a severe shock to the system. Yet there was ASTR - the NYC-based electro duo consisting of Adam Pallin and Zoe Silverman - providing the thrilling wake-up call everyone needed with a performance that cracked like dynamite. 12:30PM? didn't matter what time it was when ASTR blew up the Baeble Bounce House with tracks from their 2014 EP Varsity and their recent album, Homecoming. It was suddenly just fine to knock back a few drinks, it was suddenly OK to lose your mind to the disco inspired beats, nocturnal synths, and sing-along hooks. ASTR knocked the SX clock off the wall with an explosive performance you can now enjoy in its' entirety.

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