Dave Grohl Recalls His First Time Hearing Soundgarden
    • MONDAY, MAY 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    In my golden era of music discovery, the Seattle scene resonated with my teenage New Jersey surroundings as I dreamed of forming a hybrid band combining the sounds of Soundgarden and Nirvana. During a recent video interview with Rolling Stone, Dave Grohl spoke about his first time listening to Superunknown as Soundgarden begins to embark on a 20th anniversary tour to celebrate its monumental release. For all of the grunge heads, hearing Mr. Grohl speak so candidly about his Seattle comrades is worthy of a nerd out. Imagine how incredible a collaboration between Grohl, Cornell, and company would be?

    In what sounds like a twist of fate, Nirvana's last recording sessions took place in the same studio where Soundgarden recorded Superunknown. Kurt, Krist, and Dave collaborated with Soundgarden engineer and producer Adam Kasper who played the trio the entire Superunknown before its release. Grohl reminisced, "I remember hearing Black Hole Sun and saying 'This song will be huge!' To me, it was the perfect meeting of The Beatles and Black Sabbath. It was so much more melodically sophisticated than anything the other Seattle bands were doing."

    Grohl discovered Soundgarden as a young punk rocker in the mid 80s. He enthusiastically said, "Soundgarden was always that band in Seattle that went first. They were the first band to break and sign to major label. It only made sense that they were the first band to write a song like 'Black Hole Sun.' That record raised the bar for everyone."

    Giving Soundgarden the finest compliment from one musician to another, Grohl said, "Twenty years later, that is one of those records that I honestly feel like your kid or your kid's kids will discover and say, 'Wow, do you know about that band Soundgarden?'"

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