10 Awesome Vinyl Soundtrack Designs
    • MONDAY, MAY 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    In light of Record Store Day's recent passing, and also a few recent releases of our favorite soundtracks, we've compiled a list of the most interesting looking soundtracks out on vinyl. These records are must-haves for film buff record collectors, and would likely up your hipster street cred to incomparable levels.

    10. Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott's cult classic features ambient experimental from Greek composer Vangelis. The futuristic soundtrack deserved this flashy poster/vinyl combo.

    9. Drive

    If the soundtrack were as silent as Ryan Gosling in this movie, it would probably be a mysterious series of revving car engines. Produced by Cliff Martinez, the soundtrack features poppy electronic from the likes of Kavinsky and the Chromatics.

    8. Star Wars

    John Williams is the king of film scoring, obviously he needs his soundtracks on the most epic of vinyl.

    7. Studio Ghibli

    The Japanese counterpart for John Williams is the infamous Joe Hisaishi, who has scored nearly all of Hayao Miyazaki's films. These special vinyl releases of the soundtracks feature some cool compilations of the films on the sleeves.

    6. Frozen

    One of the first musical films from Disney in quite some time, Frozen's soundtrack features Oscar-winning single, "Let It Go". This vinyl version of their soundtrack has an appropriately icy look.

    5. Tron

    Regardless of how awesome the soundtrack is, Disney practically had to make a vinyl release of its soundtrack because realistically everyone should have a Tron disc in the form of a record. French electro royalty Daft Punk produced and scored the soundtrack for the video game movie.

    4. Django Unchained

    This blood spattered vinyl features Quentin Tarantino's strange selection for his last feature film. Featuring new tracks from John Legend to RZA, this soundtrack is a perfect souvenir for the Tarantino lover.

    3. Paranorman

    This animated comedy from the makers of Coraline is scored by Jon Brion, who has produced various big name Brits. It was re-released on this awesome vinyl edition for Record Store Day this year. Although this version is only limited to 500 copies, these special releases glow in three different colors, red, blue, and green.

    2. Jurassic Park

    Another John Williams soundtrack is immortalized, but this time in crazy dinosaur colored vinyl. This special release will be out on June 11th for the 21st anniversary of the sci-fi classic.

    1. Ghostbusters

    This limited Record Store Day release of the hit single from Ray Parker Jr, glows in the dark. It's practically your childhood dream realized in record form, which is why we've put it at the top of our list.

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