new music video: k.flay
    • THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

    Bay Area emcee K.FLAY is back with a music video for her single "Dr. Don't Know." The all black and white video starts with K.FLAY flowing a cappella with the lyrics painted on the floor and across her arms. Visually, the video continues to get more literal as a dark tear runs down her face into an even darker pool of liquid. The track's contagious beat of clapping and whistling bursts through the silence as the video cuts between clips of a marionette and tap dancer moving to it. The chorus, which is literally typed out, is the only static part of the video.

    On the track, K.FLAY had to say, "I wanted to do something kind of freaky. The song is about feeling powerless and stifled, but accepting that lack of control and remembering that life is basically just a very elaborate Tom Stoppard play. In the end, we combined a lot of different imagery to come up with a visual concept that I hope captures that mix of fear and absurdity." Mission accomplished. Check out the video for "Dr. Don't Know" below.

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