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    • THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Freelance Whales teamed up with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to release their latest EP, Benefit For Japan. The 8-track EP is available on the band's site, and all proceeds will be donated to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief fund.

    Benefit For Japan is an assembly of reconstructed tracks from their debut LP, Weathervanes. In addition to three Daytrotter-sesh recordings, the EP includes five remixes, performed by other artists (Peter Wade of MNDR, Ra Ra Riot, Darby Cicci of the Antlers, Aislyn, and Lightwaves). Darby Cicci couldn't choose a particular track, so he created the three-song medley "Killer Whales".

    Below, you can listen to the Ra Ra Riot remix of "Hannah", which is provided in exchange for your email here.

    Benefit For Japan Track Listing:

    "Hannah" - (Peter Wade of MNDR Remix)
    "Hannah" - (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
    "Killer Whales" - (Darby Cicci of the Antlers Remix)
    "Generator^First Floor" - (Aislyn Remix)
    "Hannah" - (Lightwaves Remix)
    "Ghosting" - (Daytrotter session)
    "Location" - (Daytrotter session)
    "Broken Horse" - (Daytrotter session)

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