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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 05, 2010

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    Rafter cordially invites you to a super-keen, neat-o party. David Byrne is there. Thomas Dolby too. And isn't that Jamiroquai in the corner? The new Rafter record, Animal Feelings, contains all the white boy funk you can shake a stick at, kicking off with the vocoder drenched "No Fucking Around." This song sets a pattern that Rafter will follow through most of the ten songs on the album. There's a tom-tom heavy beat, some clanking percussion and a couple of instrumental elements, like the Wally Badarou influenced, percolating synths in "Feels Good" or the Soweto-style electric guitar in "Timeless Form, Formless Time." But there's one thing missing from the equation: Bass. Try to imagine P-Funk without Bootsy, Motown without Jamerson, James Brown without Fred Thomas and you'll get a sense of how much you won't want to dance to Animal Feelings.

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    MP3: "A Frame" (Animal Feelings)
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