Speed Round: 6 Albums Out Now That You Should Spin
    • FRIDAY, MAY 04, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    It's Friday, which means it's new music day! Today there are so many new albums to listen to. It's hard to know where to start and you also don't want to miss anything. No need to fret, we've got you covered. Here is a list of six albums you need to check out asap.

    1. Tove Styrke- Sway

    Tove Styrke came out with her third album today. Sway is an upbeat pop album that focuses on love and connectivity- or lack of. This album is flirty and fun with its synths and love-struck lyrics. If you like what you hear, check out our interview with her!

    MUST LISTENS: "On the Low," "Mistakes"

    2. Leon Bridges- Good Thing

    While staying in that retro field, Bridges has graduated from an early 60's style to 70's R&B and 80's disco rhythms. No matter what era he pulls from Bridges has the kind of buttery voice that melts into you. Then he mixes it with a beautiful falsetto and disco beats that make you want to dance.

    MUST LISTENS: "You Don't Know," "Mrs."

    3. Middle Kids- Lost Friends

    In their debut album, this Sydney Australia trio explore catchy pop hooks with deeper emotions. This is an album that if you don't focus on the lyrics, you can get caught up easily in the fun musical elements that take place. However, the lyrics aren't something you want to overlook as they explore the human experience and relatable emotions.

    MUST LISTENS: "Bought It," "Never Start," "So Long, Farewell, I'm Gone"

    4. Frank Turner- Be More Kind

    After touring the US during the last election cycle, Turner's most recent rock album is highly political. He's got a lot to say about our current political climate in both the US and the UK. It features cool punk riffs and lyrics that talk about real sh*t, while still creating good music that you can bop to.

    MUST LISTENS: "Make America Great Again," "21st Century Survival Blues"

    5. Mat Kearney- CRAZYTALK

    Mixing singer-songwriter vibes with catchy electronic samples, this is a new vibe that Kearney is creating. With this album he collaborates with RAC, filous, and AFSHeeN,, and creates lively party songs.

    MUST LISTENS: "Better Than I Used To Be," ‘Keep On Loving You"

    6. Shakey Graves- Can't Wake Up

    While in the past Shakey Graves has been very stripped down and low-key, he's upped his game with this new album. He's graduated from the suitcase drum kit (he will still use it in his set to play his old songs) and has moved into a more polished sound. This record has a really cool alt-blues type of vibe to it.

    MUST LISTENS: "Back Seat Driver," "Kids These Days," "Climb the Cross"

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