funny of the day: vin diesel rap
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    With the release of Fast Five, another film in the Fast and Furious franchise starring Mr. Diesel, it's only natural that some of his past has come back to haunt him. Before he was the fur-coat sporting secret agent xXx, before he was space bad-boy Riddick, even before he was saving Private Ryan, he was living the dream as an up and coming rapper/break dancer Mark Sinclair. Hear him spit over a beat by the legendary Arthur Russel after the jump.

    "I'm the Man of Steel" the teenage Sinclair asserts, foreshadowing his stellar ascent as a worldwide action movie hero ("Triple XXX", "Pitch Dark", and most recently the #1 box office hit "Fast Five")-- but even Diesel is no match for Arthur's crafty diabolical beats, which keep dropping "the one" out from under him, breaking up Sinclair's delivery and eventually rendering the session useless.

    Listen here.

    And when we say spit, we mean more like violent spray/dribble. Vin couldn't touch the beat if it was taped to his bad-guy smashing fists. Good thing he pairs well with fast cars explosions, because rhyme swag just isn't in the cards.

    BONUS VIDEO: Vin shows us how to break dance. Check out his moves at the minute mark.

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