Hanging With The Sultry, Slightly Mysterious Crooner Bobi Andonov
    • THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    The sultry, slightly mysterious Australian crooner Bobi Andonov shares some of his biggest influences with us.

    Singer Bobi Andanov stopped by the Baeble HQ while visting New York for the first time. We had the opportunity to get to know this sultry, slightly mysterious singer a little better and we think you should too...he's obviously someone you should be listening to.

    Though he's flaunts an effortlessly cool style, his excitement to be in NYC for the first time was easily felt. We had previously spoken to him over the phone. Meeting in person, we fell even more hopelessly in love with the man and his music.

    Since the interview, Bobi's released his best single to date, "Faithful". Touching on his writing process, his inspirations (see the video above), his thoughts on New York, and if/when we'll get a proper EP, we got a more complete picture of this up and coming super star. At least we think he is...he better be! I mean, that accent... Check out the full interview below:

    Kirsten Spruch: So, what brings you to New York?

    Bobi Andonov: Well, I have a couple of shows. We have a show later tonight - a label showcase thing - and then I have a show at SoHo House tomorrow. And I'm meeting you guys, finally, which is awesome. You guys have been supporting my stuff from early on.

    KS: Yeah, last time we spoke was actually on the phone back in December.

    BA: Yeah that was my first phone interview as well.

    KS: Really?

    BA: Yeah, so I was so nervous as well.

    KS: Really? Well, you could never tell.

    BA: Ok. I'm glad, I'm glad. But yeah, this is my first time in New York as well...so beautiful, so beautiful.

    KS: This is your first time in New York? What do you think?

    BA: It's amazing! I could definitely live here...one hundred percent. It reminds me a little bit of Melbourne.

    KS: But you live in L.A. right now, right?

    BA: Yeah, so I moved to L.A. about two years ago. I had an opportunity to move there and then just got on the first plane and headed there. And yeah I've loved every minute of it, it's so amazing, so cool.

    KS: What's new with you since we last spoke?

    BA: Well, we just released a new single, "Faithful," four days ago. So we released that with a video and we're planning on doing some more shows and planning out an official EP eventually. Yeah, just doing all that stuff.

    KS: You mentioned your new single "Faithful.."

    BA: Yeah so that came out four days ago and the video was directed by the same guy who did the previous videos for "Apartment" and "Smoke." Super glad it came out...I just need to keep on getting music out there.

    KS: The video that came along with it was so cool.

    BA: Aw, thanks.

    KS: I feel like all the videos are very you. How much of a say do you have on the creation process?

    BA: I mean, I think it's helped that the director is such a collaborative director. Some directors have their vision for how the video should be. But he knew that I loved stuff like that. I'm constantly going on Tumblr and watching films and getting new inspiration ideas. I was pretty heavily involved as far as styling goes and the vibe I wanted to create for each video. It's definitely all my vibe, very, very much my vibe.

    KS: Can you take me through the writing/recording process of "Faithful"?

    BA: Yeah so that was just about being with my friends in Australia. Everyone was kind of going through personal stuff with girlfriends.I wasn't trying to write a concept about cheating on your partner, but when I heard the production, that's just what the song needed to be. tried to write it in a way that was kind of not so obvious, still kind of cool and hidden away from what the actual song is about. It was a very natural thing that came out just because of the production of the song.

    KS: The singles that you've released prior to this, "Smoke" and "Apartment," they're also very dark love stories.

    BA: I mean, I think that, naturally, a lot of the stuff I write about is very dark. I'm usually writing a lot while watching films,... I would be playing a film, have my mini keyboard and laptop plugged in and just play around with vibes. That's how I build concepts with my songs, I suppose. Stuff that personally happens to me as well, but films really help fuel the inspiration behind all those songs.

    KS: What kind of films are you into?

    BA: Tarantino is one of my favorite directors. One of my favorite films is called The Dreamers, which my brother showed me when I was twelve years old. No twelve year old should ever watch this movie...it's so messed up! But yeah, kind of like dark, twisted things. Taxi Driver is another one of my favorite ones, Reservoir Dogs... I feel like all of them are just intense, cool films.

    KS: Last time we spoke you said that "Apartment" just came to you...that didn't really think about it too much..

    BA: It started off with an idea that I had, which was just this gospel choir sample that starts the song. Then a producer buddy of mine, Dylan...I brought the idea to him and he just kind of amplified everything. Usually the way I write, I love writing melodies first. So I would just go in and sing gibberish and see what happens from that. That's how a lot of the song came out and it sounded like I was saying apartment as well so that kind of worked out.

    KS: Can you explain the concept for the "Smoke" video?

    BA: We originally had an idea where it was gonna be a trippy thing like "Apartment" was. The video was going to be around a staircase where I end up seeing this girl and as we go down a level, there's something different happening with our interactions. But then, me and the director sat down together and we thought that it should be this kind of prequel to what "Apartment" was. So that's why I'm tied up in the back of the car, ‘cause it kind of introduces the apartment. It's a little backwards but that's what we were thinking with it and we wanted to keep it black and white as well to keep the video in line with "Apartment."

    KS: You're inspired by artists like George Michael and Prince...how do you think an artist's sexuality plays in their music? Because there are artists like Janelle Monae ...people have wondered about her sexuality for years and she just now came out as pansexual.

    BA: I'd love for more new and upcoming artists to be able to express themselves in whatever way they want. I feel like that's so important. Those guys created something that just doesn't exist anymore, that's what was so iconic. They didn't hold themselves in, as far as concepts go, they were so free in the way they dressed and I think there's something to learn and take from that. It should be a natural thing, I think, and not forced. Matt Healy from The 1975 is someone that I feel really plays with his femininity, which is awesome. I think more male artists should do that and not just be so macho or whatever.

    KS: What's coming up next for you? You said you have an EP, can you tell us a little more about that?

    BA: I've got a new song coming out after "Faithful" and it's called "Offering." We might be getting a female artist to feature on it...we're not sure yet. It's kind of a slow jam, kind of a soul track Also an official EP... I'm not sure when but definitely coming very soon.

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