Vermont is The Home of Lost Love in Vagabon's Latest Video
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Josh Han

    For some, raw emotions are what makes the best songs. No matter how the music may sound, the intended emotion invoked is what makes a song unforgettable and beloved. Vagabon's new video for "Fear & Force" begins with two lovers going on a road trip. It's shot like an old school movie, which makes the nostalgia ever more gripping. The girls share a long gaze before hitting the road. The look in their eyes expresses the sorrow of saying goodbye, without saying it. In the first half of the video, they are walking around the woods. At the 2:40 minute mark, the beat picks up with fuzzy, pounding drums, and the woman in the driver's seat storms out of the pulled-over car and walks and walks... She looks back once, but keeps moving one foot after another. Finally, she looks out over a dark skyline where the sun has set not so long ago, but will not be shining back on this relationship. The song is off of Vagabon's latest album Infinite Worlds out now.

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