Urban Outfitters Did Halsey Dirty AGAIN
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    [Photo Credit: Kirsten Spruch]

    In case forty dollar logo tees weren't enough, we now have another reason to avoid Urban Outfitters. The too-hip-to-quit clothing and novelty store recently leaked Halsey's forthcoming album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, three days ahead of its scheduled June 2 release date. Some UO stores have begun selling the album in limited edition vinyl as part of an ongoing attempt to solidify their identity as the chain store equivalent of the girl you hated in high school. I mean seriously, there is a Stephanie Meyer thriller being sold under the 'literature' tab on their website.

    This isn't the first time UO has burned Halsey. Copies of the pop star's 2015 album Badlands were mistakenly shipped to customers about two weeks before the release date, and one of the copies found its way online. The more recent leak of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom makes me wonder both who at UO is dropping the ball and why Halsey would continue to trust them with her work. Seriously -- someone should be getting fired.

    UO has so far made no response to any of the social media uproar regarding the leak. Halsey tweeted at the clothing store in outrage before deleting the post, and several of her fans have expressed indignation. Many Halsey fans are also flocking to the store to purchase the album before it is pulled from shelves, leaving UO to reap the profits of its poor business practices, not unlike Regina George surveying the chaos that ensued when she released the pages of the Burn Book into the halls of North Shore High School.

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