Broken Social Scene Returns with 'Skyline'
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    [Photo Credit: Kirsten Spruch]

    Broken Social Scene fans: believe the hype. The Canadian indie rock band that goes between six and 20 members is back and has released their third single, "Skyline," off of their new album Hug of Thunder.

    "Skyline" has a quick start and a bittersweet melody. It's reminiscent of the band’s other single "Halfway Home" but a little bit more melancholy in its lyrics... a little less loud. The most interesting part of this song though, is how strongly it contrasts with one of the other singles on the album titled "Hug of Thunder." This single features Feist, another solo artist who also takes part in Broken Social Scene.

    On July 7th the complete album Hug of Thunder will be released, and it will include the songs "Skyline," "Hug of Thunder," and "Halfway Home." Just by listening to "Skyline" and the rest of the already-dropped singles, it’s easy to see why fans are excited for the band’s return.

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