Big Thief's 'Mary' Finds Peace in Memories
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    The second single released from Big Thief's upcoming sophomore album, Capacity, is a soft, comforting five-and-a-half minute break from everything that is loud and stressful in your life. The song is titled "Mary" and is named for one of lead singer/guitarist Adrienne Lenker's closest friends from college. Lenker wrote the the track partially as an ode to this friendship, and partially as a sort of love song to cherished moments from her childhood.

    Supported by barely audible violin notes, the track's soft piano chords lend "Mary" the soothing power of a lullaby. Lenker's lilting, ringing voice sounds close to your ear, and makes you feel as if you are sitting next to the piano bench while she plays. The warmth of the friendship that inspired this song is evident as the litany of memories in the chorus is summed up with, "Here we go 'round Mary, in your famous storybook."

    The intricate flow of the chorus will make you want to play it on repeat until you catch all of its disconnected phrases, many of which seem like inside jokes from Lenker's past. In an acoustic freestyle, she reflects on memories that range from "the sugar rush, the constant hush, the pushing of the water gush" to "your tired, wired brandy look." Both the bubbly and the strained recollections in "Mary"'s lyrics are highly relatable, and it is difficult not to feel a sense of fond familiarity towards them even though they were inspired by specific people and experiences in Lenker's life.

    "Mary" is to be part of the peaceful resolution to the more turbulent first half of Capacity, which is scheduled for release on June 9.

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