Song of the Day: 'No Bibles' by American Trappist
    • TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Photo by Brian L. Tice, Jr.

    We've talked about River City Extension here on Baeble before, when we went to go see the indie folk band's tear-jerking farewell show in New Jersey six months ago. Now, Joe Michelini, the frontman and songwriter behind River City Extension, has decided to start a new project which goes under the name American Trappist, and it's off to a strong start. American Trappist just released a video for the song, "No Bibles," off of the debut EP, In Satan's Kingdom National Park, out tomorrow, June 1st. The EP includes four tracks and is the first of three parts, which will be released throughout the summer.

    "No Bibles" is a powerful track on its own, but when paired with the video (directed by Brian L. Tice Jr.), its greatness is infinitely enhanced. Ominous vocals paired with a simple bass line and delicate keys prove to be a perfect combination. In the video, we see several different shots of Michelini embracing his quirks (caressing his hairy thigh, donning red lipstick) in slow motion. We still hear a tinge of River City Extension lyrically, but with a modernized feel. By incorporating a more alternative sound and singing about "being your own Lord," we see that Michelini has truly found himself as not just a songwriter, but as a visual artist as well. He proves that growth as an artist is inevitable and essential, and we cant wait to follow him along on his journey to an artistic rebirth.

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