BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: Exclusive Video Premiere of Catey Shaw's
    • TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016

    • Posted by: Lea Weatherby

    Catey Shaw garnered quite a bit of praise for her last release, 2014's The Brooklyn EP. Gearing up for her forthcoming EP Ransom, Catey Shaw has released the visual accompaniment to "Love Sick Jerk," the fourth single off of the new record.

    The video for "Love Sick Jerk" features a beautiful, broken, boozing, smoking Shaw, resembling a fallen pop queen as she sashays through balloons and streamers at her guestless party, but with a hardened stare that says, "I've been through some shit."

    The dance-pop track's dominant genre would be easier to identify if it didn't feel so stylistically nuanced, and Shaw has the ability to produce honeyed pop melodies, adorned by the slightest croons, making for a sound that's both vintage and modern, indie and mainstream. The video for "Love Sick Jerk" beautifully complements Shaw's dark-pop aesthetic, proving she's a far more multidimensional artist than first meets the eye.

    Shaw gives some insight into what inspired the track, explaining that, "You meet someone, you fall in love with their ways, their confidence, their humor. Then a few months in they're a total sap and they're riding your ass about not loving them enough all the time. It's exhausting. "

    Not unfamiliar with penning anthemic tracks, like 2014's "Brooklyn Girls" Shaw proves her unbelievable versatility as a singer, delivering classic cool vocals with dance-pop sensibility.

    Get Catey Shaw's upcoming EP Ransom when it drops on June 10.

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