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    • FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    If I told you there is a band out there that combines the bluesy rock riffs of The Black Keys and the badass, sexed-up aura of Alison Mosshart, would you really believe me? Skeptics step aside, because the femme fatale, LA rock duo Deap Vally are the total package. With the attitude of hedonistic 80s metal group, and rambunctious tunes that will inspire you to join the musical debauchery, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards have caught our attention, and we're certain you'll soon be ensnared by their bluesy brand of hard rock following the release of their debut full-length, Sistrionix on June 24th.

    We recently chatted with the girl behind the guitar and that killer howl, Lindsey Troy, about how the two became one, the rebellious nature of being from California, and the science behind a 'meaty' riff.

    You two met during a needle work class where there was a bond over a shared a love for the blues. What were some of the artists you threw around in that first conversation?

    What we really bonded over in this first conversation was our shared struggles and frustrations as artists. We were both at a standstill with our musical projects and hungry for some new inspiration. Oh, and the class we met in was crochet not needlework.

    What does it mean to carry out that rich tradition of the blues in your music, especially considering not many bands are rocking out like this anymore?

    The blues are the primary colors of rock 'n' roll. Classic rock could have never existed without the groundwork the blues players - people like Son House and Blind Willie McTell - had already laid. Really, we're just following in the tradition of classic rock in the sense that we draw inspiration from the blues; we use blues scales and structure in a lot of our songs and the simplistic nature of our lyrics are very much in the spirit of the blues.

    Watch Deap Vally's "Baby I Call Hell" music video

    How does having two members change the way in which you guys write music in comparison to your past projects?

    Well, I was doing solo stuff before I met Julie [Edwards]. So I composed all my songs alone. I'd pull out my hair searching for the perfect chord or lyric. With Deap Vally, Julie and I write everything together. One of us may come into our practice space with a portion of a song completed, but the song isn't a Deap Vally song until we flesh it out together. Part of our ethos as a band is to not labor needlessly during the writing process. If something doesn't feel inspired, we move on to another idea. We really want the writing process to be fun and natural. We feel that this is part of the beauty of the genre; rock 'n' roll isn't meant to be analyzed with a microscope.

    I truly feel like your band is bringing back the guitar riff back in a huge way, what is the science behind a meaty riff?

    Ha! The science? (Melody x rhythm + tone) = meaty riff

    Listen to Deap Vally's "(She's A) Wanderer", featured on True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series Volume 4

    Which drummers have influenced Julie's playing the most?

    Julie's biggest drum influences are Jon Bonham and Carla Azar.

    How was it playing with Dinosaur Jr and Thurston Moore last year?

    It was awesome! And we were in Tokyo! We love it there. We can't wait to go back.

    You hail from California. How does that location impact your sound?

    We're an LA band. How does that impact our sound? Probably in a lot of ways that we don't even realize. California is the land of fruits and nuts, as they say. There's a long tradition of rebellion and colorful self-expression in California, and I would say as band we follow in that tradition.

    It seems like you're having fun and enjoying this ride, which is something I think a lot of bands lack right now. How important is it to hold onto the thrill of just making great rock music?

    It's crucial. Touring can be very grueling. This business can be very grueling. What makes it all worthwhile is the music. We receive music from the universe and then we get on stage and share it with other people. At its best moments it's hypnotic, and transcendent, and magical, and euphoric, and all of those amazing things.

    Watch the "Lies" music video

    What should we expect to hear in the album? Any plans for your next project?

    It's a tasty morsel of a record. It's raw and minimal, visceral and soulful. Our next project will be record number two. I have some new pedals coming my way. Having new toys to play with is always great for the creative process. I can't wait to see what kind of tunes we cook up in the months to come.

    We're confident Deap Vally is a name you'll be hearing plenty of in the future. Do stay ahead of your friends, we suggest Liking the duo on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

    Pre-order Sistrionix now, three weeks prior to its release here.

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