Stream: New Modest Mouse
    • TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Nothing like a long weekend of watching Twitter feeds waiting to hear about new Modest Mouse songs debuting at Sasquatch!, amirite? The band headlined the Washington fest on Sunday night and did the world the service of dropping two new songs. It's only speculation, but maybe both will appear on their "hodgepodge of funkiness" being produced by Atlanta's Big Boi (who spawned the funkiness line, FYI) and veteran Outkast knob-twister Chris Carmouche at Stankonia Studios. Feast your ears below.



    Rips from the soundboard sound awesome. Thanks ChiefTragedy!

    I'd reckon a lot of bloggers will be calling shenanigans on the so-called "funkiness", but they've always sounded funky in their own weird way to me. Just listen to those bass-lines! Stay tuned for more and check out their full festival set at NPR.

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