Overdue Debut: The Postelles
    • TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Despite their youthfulness, The Postelles already had their rocking and rolling poise when they stopped by our Rockwood Music Hall sessions during last year's CMJ Fest. It was tough to tell the New York foursome hadn't even released a full album yet with such a prolific set-list of polished pop. The extended delay on the band's self-titled debut has only amplified the excitement, and next week, they finally silence the anticipatory noise once and for all.

    Lead singer Daniel Balk is among the most enthusiastic about the impending release. He told us the band has been done with the recordings since our CMJ set, but needed a little more work on the overall sound. The band ran the record by Emily Lazar at the Lodge in New York (Vampire Weekend, Foo Fighters) for a final freshening, giving the whole thing "a little bit of a warmer sound" and making Balk's vocals "a little more explosive".

    Balk also told us an additional cut, "Sound The Alarms", crept its way on to the final track list despite being recorded separately from the others. "It has a bit of a grittier feel to it" Balk said, despite it being the first song he penned on piano rather than guitar. "It goes really well with the first record". Although the band is known for its frenetic pace, Balk is most anticipating the slower songs on The Postelles. " Everyone thinks we're all fast, upbeat, in your face pop" Balk said, "you know like 'Blue Room' and 'Hold On'. These slow ones ... they show a different side."

    The band has been fine-tuning the debut so long, they've already got new tracks in the works. Amidst touring, Balk admits they've started writing and even recording fresh material. The mark of a true bunch of artists, never complacent in just touring, always trying to create something progressive.

    Beyond their workhorse enthusiasm and thirst for creation, The Postelles have other, even more mature qualities as well. Unlike many young acts, Balk isn't overly concerned about the reception of their current recordings. It's an admirable attitude; paying too much attention to the massive buzz around the band is always a double edged sword in today's music game. Love it or hate it, "we're still gonna' play" he said. "It just changes the size of the studio we record in."

    We're thinking 'love it', but if you'd like to see for yourself, the band is playing two debut shows at New York City's Mercury Lounge next week on June 7th and 8th. See below for one excellent example of why you don't want to miss the band in their element.

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    Session: The Postelles at Rockwood Music Hall

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