Tu Fawning A Monument
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    Combining tribal and folk genres has rarely created such a soft and unusually delicate sound as Tu Fawning achieves in their second album, A Monument. The album gives listeners a hauntingly beautiful mixture of strength and vulnerability, combined with uniquely accented melodies that give the album a refreshing feel from start to finish. With accenting textures and poetically progressive lyrics, A Monument will grab your attention and won't let it go. "Anchor," the album's opening track and first single, starts with a simple drum pattern before floating harmonies and other percussion delicately accent lead singer Corrina Repp's flawless vocals. The song progresses to continuously add more layers, first vocally, then instrumentally with intensely syncopated synthesizers, adding a final playful spin on the dark song.

    The album consists of repetitive melodies that are interrupted and varied in the most impactful moments of the song, elevating them to higher levels of emotional intensity. In every song there are moments of highs and lows, of rises and falls. The variety within the tracks gives the album an addictive and always evolving sound that is sure to leave you wanting more. "Wager," "Blood Stains," and the albums closing track "Bones" are the stand-outs on the very well-rounded album. The video for "Anchor" is a simple, scenic video that doesn't need anything more than stunning countryside and a beautiful song, demonstrating the power of the dynamic music present throughout A Monument.

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