whats with all the bears?
    • FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008

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    This is something we've been musing over for a while. A band name is an important element not only for aesthetic purposes, but for promotion and overall chic. A bad name can ruin even the best sounding band. Most people can tell the difference between a good name, one that just sounds cool and rolls off the tongue, and one that doesn't (and more or less sucks). However, what we're wondering is, on the scene, it seems like there are way too many "bears." Why bears? Are they some sort of indie animal?

    The list includes, and is not limited to Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, Minus The Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bears, Bear Hands, and of course, just Bears. What is going on here?

    The interesting thing is they all kind of have a different sound. There is no one universal "bear band" stereotype. Check them out and decide which bear is your favorite. Or, if you don't like bears, perhaps Band of Horses? Oh...and don't even get us started on wolves - joe puglisi

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