What You Missed When Beyonce Dropped The Mic With Lemonade
    • TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2016

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Talk about bad timing.

    Beyonce sucked all the air out of the music industry with "Lemonade" at the beginning of last week and Drake closed the week with the monster release of "Views." Was there anything else to talk about?

    Well there was, Florence and the Machine along with Director Vincent Haycock released the full film of "The Odyssey," a 47 minute film made up of the songs from the latest Florence and the Machine album "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful." The film is full of everything you would expect from Florence Welch; beauty, drama and epic moments set in Scotland instead of Beyonces' New Orleans. The desaturated images suck you in with their intense intimacy.

    While this may not be the grand political and relationship commentary that Beyonce pulled off, it is more than worthy of the 47 minutes watch time.

    Florence says "This is the finale of a very personal project that came from a conversation me and Vince had in the Chateau Marmont about a year and a half ago while I was writing How Big How Blue How Beautiful. I was talking to him about the record and the car crash of a relationship break up I was going through. The highs and the lows of love and performance, how out of control I felt, the purgatory of heartbreak, and how I was trying to change and trying to be free. And we decided we would re-tell this story in full. We would re-claim this experience, re-imagine it and in some way perhaps I would come to understand it, to exorcise it. And so the Big Blue Odyssey began..."

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