Out and About: Electric Guest
    • THURSDAY, MAY 03, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    It's tough to tell where the breaking point is, in terms of a band's progression from buzzy single to next big thing-- Electric Guest is certainly toe-ing the line at the moment. With the almost insistent success of "This Head I Hold" (and rightfully so), the band's debut Mondo (with production credits by Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton) has a few people making brash comparisons and/or wondering what the fate of the funky pop band will be. Last night's show at Bowery proved the band knows how to have fun, and although they may be a little green, their stage presence (particularly of lead singer Asa Taccone) is enough to get anyone excited.

    Opener New Look came from Canada, and although their lead singer had some serious pipes, I think most people came looking for the high energy of the main act, and DJ Rick Moranis and his giant scratch table didn't help their set feel any more dynamic.

    Electric Guest came out swinging, with Asa Taccone in full crack-cocaine dance mode from start to finish, flopping and flailing like someone was shooting a barrage of tiny imaginary lasers at him in time with the music. It was magical.

    The band ripped through nearly every track off their debut LP Mondo, including the awesome "Under The Gun," slow-burner "American Daydream," and the monster "This Head I Hold" (which wound up sound a bit thin and rushed). There was no encore.

    After seeing the enthusiasm bubble for real on stage, this album has suddenly popped in our iTunes play-count. We'll be keeping an eye on these guys, and you should too.

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