MP3 Premiere: Flagship
    • THURSDAY, MAY 03, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I'm always bothered when I hear people complain about the state of modern music. Yes, mainstream rock/pop radio is at its most tofu and disposable (we're looking at you One Direction), but in an era where the barriers to actually sitting down and recording halfway decent sounding versions of your music are lower than ever, great music is out there. You just have to look. It can actually be disheartening how much good music is out there when for the sake of time, we may have to choose to cover a new song by a very popular but mediocre artist, rather than something more intriguing from as of yet undiscovered talent. We're going to be doing a four day series of premieres from North Carolina band Flagship, and they've got a sound that should appeal to a lot of our readers.

    Flagship - Still I Wait by Bright Antenna

    Flagship's debut EP, Blackbush comes out on 5/ 8 with plans for a full-length album later this year. The first single we're premiering, "Still I Wait," matches the emotional and nearly spiritual alternative rock of U2 circa Achtung Baby with the deep-throated baritone delivery of lead singer Drake Margolnick ala Ian Curtis from Joy Division and some of the seething anger and rawness of We Are Augustines. It makes for a immediately enjoyable sound, and we look forward to introducing three more songs from these anthemic southern rockers in the days to come.

    You can purchase the music here.

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