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    • TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There is a reason our latest concert release presses so many emotional buttons as it cycles through. Lost in the Trees - a curious, seven piece musical outfit from Chapel Hill NC - pen the kind of heart-gushing narratives that newcomers might be surprised to learn stem from the biographical lineage of the band's principle songwriter, Ari Picker. There are issues of domestic abuse, premature death, and extreme depression lurking in the luscious folds of the band's music. Obvious and unchecked, they are extreme conditions that no doubt owe their authenticity to Picker's challenging upbringing. Given the circumstances, it's easy to imagine the appeal of a life spent playing music. It's a place of distraction, a place to rummage through a wide range of complex emotions, a place to ultimately get lost in a beautiful and natural world of expression.

    For Picker, that means a creative process that pulls equally on the worlds of classical and folk traditions. Here the band showcases a dynamic range of style and instrumentation. At times strumming through simple folk foundations, at others bringing more dramatic accompaniment (tubas, strings, drums, accordions, and so much more) to the fore, our latest concert release is proof of the restorative and reaffirming roles of music...a stirring set we suggest in which you let yourself loose. Who knows, like the band's namesake, you might never find your way out of the orchestral, folkie thicket at hand.

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