'Sweet Annie' Is Everything Except Sweet
    • FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Aviva Bogart

    The Cooling exhibits a side to Reina Del Cid that has yet to be displayed to the public. The beautiful thing about watching a musician develop is being given the privilege to be a part of their journey, a vulnerable transition from green to golden.

    We're premiering Del Cid's "Sweet Annie," and the song's irony is uncanny in its relatability. While the title of the song would suggest a theme reminiscent of youth, the lyrics are anything but sweet nostalgia, with lines such as "If you didn't love me/ I would blow away the world and Oh sweet Annie, lying naked on the floor/ are you bleeding or are you begging for some more." Whether the fatality in her lyrics is meant to be taken literally or for symbolic value, it is clear that with her album The Cooling, Del Cid is putting herself in a vulnerable state. Del Cid shows the mark of a true artist, her album reflecting her individual journey, but also vulnerability as we all experience it.

    Not only has Del Cid's creative calling ripened with time, so has her band's musicality. Having performed a combined 300+ shows in downtown St. Paul and nationally, the band's sound is distinct, confident, and somehow still tender. There is something else, too. The band has internalized Del Cid's journey, and they are able to skillfully realize the rawness of her journey while accompanying her vocals. Go ahead, treat yourself!

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