Killers Announce New Album
    • TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    There hasn't been enough glam rock in our lives lately. Luckily The Killers announced earlier this week that they would soon be releasing their fourth studio, titled Battle Born. The band has been on hiatus since their 2008 release Day and Age and have spent the majority of the past three years working on their own solo projects. After resurfacing, The Killers played several larger festivals around the world before settling down to start the new record. As it stands Battle Born is slotted to be released this fall.

    According to front man, Brandon Flowers, the album is named for the bands home studio. Battle Born also the unofficial name of the band's home state of Nevada. Who knew? Some of the track names that the band has confirmed include "Carry Me Home," "Heart Of A Girl," "Flesh And Bone," and "Runaways," all of which by name alone sound similar to what The Killers have released in the past. The also band named Madonna as a producer along with Stuart Price, Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor and Brendan O'Brien.

    The band previewed one of their new songs, "The Rising of the Tide", while on tour last year. The song comes across as a calmer version of the synth-powered singles of Hot Fuss. Nonetheless, Flowers delivers with the same panicked desperation in his lyrics as in past albums. In "The Rising Tide" he croons, "Let's go out tonight/There's a mystery underneath those neon lights" which makes me wonder if the Las Vegas quartet are capable of writing a song without mentioning neon lights. Then again, the song still manages to harken back to that same feel of musical Americana that the band channeled during Sam's Town and Day & Age.

    And thanks to the glory of the smartphone, we have a rough cut of "The Rising of the Tide" from their show at Scala in London.

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