new music: hercules and love affair
    • THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

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    No, this is not a poorly titled lost episode of that show starring Kevin Sorbo. It's an approprietly (or at least, cool) titled musical project from New York DJ Andy Butler, and a bunch of other people. Hercules and Love Affair is pretty groovy.

    The sound is kind of a throwback seventies disco-ball glam, with a tight beat thrown behind it and an extra set of future synth. It's definitely dance music, but it's got soul like the old toe-tappers, and more than three different sounds (like today's bad house). They are kind of like LCD Soundsystem, except way more funky (we already said groovy, but man, it's the perfect word for these guys). If you have trouble admiting you like Abba or the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, then this is the music for you. And you don't even have to be embarassed (although John Travolta isn't exposing any chest hair on the cover of this one).

    The album, Hercules and Love Affair (DFA) is out now. Check out this track and see if it's for you. And if you do, buy some rollar skates and get an eight track. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: Hercules and Love Affair: "Hercules' Theme" - Hercules and Love Affair
    Hercules and Love Affair on Myspace

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