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    • THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

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    These guys were at Union Hall last week, and if you missed it, you should at least know the name. The blogs are buzzing (a little bit) about how they sound a little like Slowdive, Ride and Lush (thanks Oh My Rockness). Their dreamy velvet rock is catchy, and even though they are Brooklyn based, they have a distinctly britpop sensibility. Funny how that happens.

    The Guild is actually a duo, Christoph Hochheim and Kurt Feldman (yes, the same one who is the drummer for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart). They both sing and they both play guitar, and it all melts together in a nice, whirly blanket of sound.

    And what's that weird blipping? Is it a Nintendo soundchip again? Didn't we just post about Anamanaguchi? Yes, the Guild is rocking a famicom in the background (it must be all the rage these days), but fear not: it's not the central focus by any means. It's more like an afterthought behind the wispy clouds and blue skies. -joe puglisi

    The Depreciation Guild on Tour
    8/9 - New American Music Union Festival @ SouthSide Works - Pittsburgh, PA
    8/10 - Cakeshop - New York, NY

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    MP3: The Depreciation Guild:: “Butterfly Kisses” - In Her Gentle Jaws
    The Depreciation Guild on Myspace

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