Matt Pond PA Takes Us To A Summer Place
    • THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I know summer is on the way because the sort of music that I get pitched has been steadily changing. The music is starting to get a little warmer. It's starting to get a little bouncier. It's starting to get a little more "afternoon in the park" ready. And we've got another great "prep for the summer" track we're premiering today, Matt Pond PA's "Take Me With You," and if this is what where ever he is sounds like, we're ready to go to.

    With synth lines that manage not to be icy but shimmering like a kaleidoscope reflecting the noon day sun and drums that put a skip in my step, "Take Me With You" is the sort of song you blast as you're walking down West 4th Street in the Village, and the sun is setting and you get lightly buffeted by a cross-breeze and you see the pedestrians scurrying this way and that and NYU students engaging in decidedly non-academic pursuits and the film-lovers forming a line at IFC and you realize you're in NYC and it's almost summer and it is beautiful.

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