How to Dress Well's New Mix Features Taking Back Sunday Cover and Angel Olsen Duet
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    How to Dress Well would like to give you a personal tour of his enigmatic mind. The artist recently shared on Tumblr a 52-minute mix entitled NO WORDS TO SAY, which he described as "songs that inspired the record, songs that resonate w me in the way the songs on "WITH?" resonate w you i hope." The "record" he speaks of is his forthcoming full-length What Is This Heart?, due out June 24th on Weird World.

    The mix features sneak preview snippets of What Is This Heart? tracks — "Precious Love" and "A Power" — as well as his cover of Taking Back Sunday's "You Know How I Do" and a "very unofficial duet" with Angel Olsen. Listen below.

    What Is This Heart? is scheduled to release June 24th on Weird World. Pre-order your copy here.

    NO WORDS TO SAY Tracklist via Tumblr

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