TRACK REVIEW: The Raveonettes Release
    • FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Danish pop/indie-rock duo, The Raveonettes, decided they're going to release a new song every month - which means they'll have a full-length album by the time 2017 arrives. So far, they've released "The World is Empty (Without You)," "Run, Mascara, Run," "Excuses," and "Junko Ozawa." Today, they've released a dark, hazy track called "Scout."

    The track is covered in layers of malicious fuzz and laden and haunting guitar riffs. Such simple melodies are augmented with electronics, synths, and drum machines and paired with the beautifully haunting vocals of Sharin Foo. "Shoes that I threw out / reminded me of you, Scout / Wanna take this memory and strangle it to death / It's a mess I guess / Cant stress enough that I want you." It's a song full of frustration, regret, and pain about a person who realizes they want somebody who's unavailable. The last minute and a half of the track is all instrumental to create a powerful and emotional ending. Whoever Scout is, were sure glad Sharin Foo isn't singing about us.

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