SONG OF THE DAY: Christine and the Queens,
    • FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Lea Weatherby

    Hlose Letissier, better known by her stagename, Christine and the Queens, is a French popstar of another pedigree. Her versatility and distincitiveness as a vocalist is merely the fringe benefit of her overall capabilties as a musician.

    Christine and the Queens, is than the just the total glimmering pop package. Letissiere captures the complicated essence of her own idenity and flawlessly siphons it into her music, and as a whole, the 27-year-old parisian artist is arguably, devising another facet of the pop genre altogether.

    Letissier's song, "iT" is not a passive listen. From her textured yet ornate vocals to the tracks downbeat 80's inspired rhythm, "iT" is the kind of song that surges through you from the inside out.

    Having garnered the praise of Madonna, Perfume Genius and Lorde, Christine and the Queens gender fluidity anthem, "iT" closed out an episode of GIRLS and became the #1 most Shazammed song in major cities across the U.S and this track, could not be more deserving of the hype.

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