Coming Next Week: Hey Marseilles In Concert
    • FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Hey Marseilles has been undertaking a serious effort to revive and revitalize baroque pop elements among indie music fans in some really interesting and innovative ways. Every song they put out has been packed with growing and layered string sections that create an immersive sound fronted by catchy and smart interpretations of an older folk sound.

    Through the use of a disciplined background in classical music, the members of Hey Marseilles, who are sometimes outnumbered by the instruments on studio recorded tracks, create a dramatized chamber pop that can sound succinct and dynamic whether electronic elements and synths are added, as is present in the band's self-titled album, or in the more raw takes which as one can imagine will have a really vibrant sound through hearing the string section in person as part of the wall of sound this band can create.

    Their first two albums, performed entirely with acoustic instruments, are a good place to start to experience the band's very folky and raw roots. While not as crisp and clean-cut as the studio experimentation, there's nothing gritty about the raw and lush-sounding ballads they've come out with in the past. While lots of folk-style bands are incredibly hesitant to take to a studio to embellish their sound electronically, Hey Marseilles dove straight into an experimental phase on their latest album, Hey Marseilles.

    They certainly have not lost their way, either. That impressive baroque chamber pop revisionist element of their music is still at the core of what they do, and if anything, the group's members have enough musical virtuosity to adapt to studio experimentation seamlessly. The latest album has certainly scratched the surface, and for good reason: fusing the more electronic elements of indie pop with a string section not only in the backdrop but even taking the lead is a fascinating experience.

    Matt Bishop's soft-spoken and warm voice adds to a clear sense of direction and emotional impression behind Hey Marseilles' work on each of their diverse albums. His voice always remains clean-sounding, and never begs for anything more given his ability to so cleanly hit every note.

    As is evident in the music alone, Hey Marseilles have spent their time together developing an evolved sound that they chose to pioneer through their growth as musicians and through challenging themselves to see what they can do to make their somber, chamber-y folk songs something that can transcend into a sophisticated and dramatic kind of indie pop that.

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