5 Current Songs That Prove Romance is Dead
    • FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "I was born in the wrong era," no one should say, ever. Look... Do I love 80s music? Yes. Do I love A-Line denim skirts from the 70s? Yeah, they're cute. Do I enjoy grunge bands like Nirvana from the 90s? I would've killed to see that shit live! And of course, there are still a lot of problems in today's world (re: Donald Trump), but still, it's a great time to be alive. Use of technology is at an all time high, gay marriage is legal, and we have Beyonce. We win.

    But let's go back to technology being at an all time high. We can make a pros and cons list for technology and have both sides come out completely even. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help us stay connected with people all over the world, but somehow it also aids in our growing inability to be decent human beings to one another. One specific area that is going downhill due to technology is love. Nobody dates anymore, instead we just hang out. No one breaks up anymore, instead we just stop texting. We have apps like Tinder that allow us to swipe right to someone solely based off of a photo of their face. Texting has become a competition of who can be the most apathetic. There's a whole mind game that comes along with romance now, whereas way back when, we were forced to see each other, or at least call on the phone, and say whatever our thoughts were at that exact moment. We didn't have the time to sit back for an hour and type up the most perfect response.

    As we adapt to this new kind of romance, artists stay relevant and incorporate the new slang into their music as well. It's a chain reaction -- some of the greatest songs are love songs, and if ever changing technology is causing love to change, then the music is going to gradually change. If you don't believe that, just take a listen to these five songs that get with today's new notions.

    1. "Whats It Gonna Be?" by Shura

    "I don't wanna let you love somebody else but me / so what's it gonna be?"
    That one line is so simple, but it sums up everything about dating in today's world. She's continually asking, "What's it gonna be?" so we can assume the other person isn't answering. Are you hiding behind your phone, mate? Also, it's sad but true, technology makes it easier to talk to an abundance of people at once. When she sings, "I don't wanna let you love somebody else but me," she's basically saying, "Hey, I don't want to be a side hoe. Its me or nothing. Just show your face and tell me."

    2. "My Willing Heart" by James Blake

    "You're still on my screen / Every now and then."
    At first, it's surprising to hear him reference his phone, but then it's refreshing how he uses it in such a heartbreaking way. When you break up with someone and have no more connection to them, but somehow they still end up on your phone and haunt you forever. You're going to stalk them a little bit and see if they're happy without you. It's inevitable today.

    3. "Underdressed" by VERITE

    "Can't avoid the consequence / So don't get upset / Cause all you ever wanna do / Is take all my clothes off."
    This emotional track is for when you spend time with someone and while you're emotionally invested, they only text you when it's convenient for them. ~Booty call.~ With texting, it's hard to draw the line between casual and actual relationship, and VERITE explains this beautifully.

    4. "Hit My Heart" by BOY

    "We want our names on all the lists / Don't really mind if they're misspelled / And if nobody takes a picture / We take pictures of ourselves."
    This song reeks of social media humor. It's picking at our new selfie culture, where everyone has ADHD and seeks validation on the internet. Are you dating someone just because you think they'd make you look cooler when you update your relationship status on Facebook? If you didn't Instagram a selfie with someone, did ya'll ever actually hang out? Please, like me!

    5. "Somebody Else" by The 1975

    "I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone / And then leaving with somebody else."
    Like I've said, cell phones make it much easier to snatch up all the side hoes you want. It's things like this that make people go a little insane in relationships, because you have to wonder, what are they doing on that phone? When everyone had pagers, it probably wasn't as easy to pull that shit. But I'm a millennial, so what do I know, right?

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