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    • THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010

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    Last night MTV debuted the Vampire Weekend video for what I assume is the next single, "Holiday". Don't count on gratuitous appearances of the Lacoste alligator... the guys are answering cries of preppiness by abandoning their brightly colored polos for... well, let's just say Louis XIV would feel right at home.

    Aside from their lavish palace, the boys in wigs can be seen running around on the beach, chasing bikers, riding in cars, and other hilariously anachronistic settings for their funky out-of-date garb. Still, I have a hunch the kids at Duke are going to start dressing like this... because let's face it, Duke sucks.*

    But Contra doesn't! Let's watch!

    Pat on the back for the summer mixtape (see: tomorrow), which correctly includes this song! Foresight! Contra is out now on XL, and I think you are one. -joe puglisi

    *sorry Duke. All Duke related jabs are based on the small sample of Duke kids I've met in my life. I'm sure you are a nice person with a great family and a fun dog, and you are well read or whatever.

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    MP3: "Horchata" (Contra)
    Vampire Weekend on Myspace

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