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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2009

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    That post Memorial Day Weekend haze has finally passed. And with it brings the realization that sweet, sizzling, Summer is here. Around these parts, that generally means its' time for us to really hard. It's our busy season, after all, with no shortage of bands rolling through our metropolitan kicking grounds. Already we're lining up full-concert releases from the likes of Busdriver, Cursive, Harlem Shakes, Sean Bones, and Sebastian Grainger. And out and about kind of folks can certainly expect to see our cameras capturing plenty of bands at some of NYC's finest venues, indoors and out, as the season progresses.

    In honor of such an exciting time, we're celebrating by focusing on some of our finest Summer catches to date. Whether sweating through humid heat waves at McCarren Park Pool (R.I.P), surviving stray water cooler attacks at a makeshift stage on the East River, or shaking a dazzling, Southstreet Seaport Spiegeltent to the ground, we've always managed to capture some of the best shows Summer has to offer. Expect no less from us this year. - David Pitz


    Black Lips Live @ McCarren Park Pool - August 3rd, 2008
    Gritty guitars, black wayfarers, and...toilet paper? Hardly the typical rock n' roll prescription, but The Black Lips brought their snarling, flower-punk circus to Brooklyn for one hell of a show (which included "5th Black Lip" King Khan singing in a golden Tina Turner dress). Despite the beating summer sun, the result was an intimately poppy and violently fun show that needs to be seen to be believed. - Chris Gayomali

    Blonde Redhead Live @ McCarren Park Pool - August 5th, 2007
    In this sun baked show at the McCarren Park Pool, Blonde Redhead leans hard on the hyper hypnotic, and for good reason. August heat waves have a tendency to release a wash of sweat tickling down the forehead and send one into a hazy headed half euphoria. This lounge ready performance for a bulging, half naked Brooklyn crowd is just the kind of intense, dramatic, and squinty eyed moment worth standing in the middle of an empty, concrete bowl on a Sunday afternoon in August for. - David Pitz

    Deerhunter Live @ McCarren Park Pool - August 3rd, 2008
    Oftentimes at live shows, musicians of the indie-rock variety get so caught up in all the strut and swagger that goes along with rock music that they forget to be fun. Deerhunter are not that, as evidenced by their performance here at McCarren Park Pool. On the contrary, front man Bradford Cox is a pretty damn funny guy. And while he may look like a young Thurston Moore without the flowing hair, Deerhunter opt out of your typical art-rock arrogance and instead go for a sonically sound show complete with a driving rhythm section and extra catchy guitar riffs. - Chris Gayomali

    Les Savy Fav Live @ Solor One Stage - July 14th, 2007
    Cars dashing by overhead, the East River sitting at my toes, and the New York City skyline slowly flicking on, light by light, in the background…It all makes for a rather handsome setting to catch a show. But when it is a performance from Les Savy Fav, that impeccable ambiance is nearly irrelevant. There is just too much happening on stage to get caught up in the New York moment. - David Pitz

    Shout Out Louds Live @ Spiegeltent - July 16th, 2007
    Set in the makeshift and mirrored, carnavalistic round house, Spiegeltent, Shout Out Louds' performance testified that midnight in July is no time to lay low. Aptly named, the modish, Nordic-pop the band delivers feels like a euphoric scream from a lonesome rooftop. Live, precisely delivered songs from 2005's Howl Howl Gaff Gaff (Capitol) and Our Ill Wills (Merge) were decidedly crafted with the same arrangement, emotion, and melody as their studio counterparts. - David Pitz

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