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    • TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008

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    "Buzz" may not be the right word for Anamanaguchi, a New York based electro-beat band. How about "blip?" These guys crank out tunes using one of the twentieth centuries greatest music making machines: the Nintendo. When listening, we're not sure if we're supposed to be dancing or storming the castle.

    We first heard about these guys a while ago, but after a nod from Oh My Rockness as a "Band We Like," perhaps they are getting bigger than we thought. Hailing from New York, the band is part of the video-game music alliance known as 8 Bit Peoples, which doubles as their label. 8 Bit is a collection of similar bands, who all release their music for free on the site. Anamanaguchi has an entire new album of material called Dawn Metropolis which "comes out soon" according to their site. If it sounds anything like the track "Helix Nebula" on their site (which rocks), it should be awesome. They might be a good band to watch, even if they are a one-trick pony... it's a good trick, and the nostalgia mixed with dance beats is cool enough to warrant a few listens here and there; even if you feel like mashing some buttons while you do. -joe puglisi

    If you missed them two days ago in Brooklyn, check out Anamanaguchi's live show on August 29th, at PAX (if you live in the Seattle, Washington area).

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    Anamanaguchi on Myspace

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