Penguin Prison Takes The Stage With His Grandpa
    • TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    In a refreshingly family friendly music video, Chris Glover takes the stage with Grandpa Glover to bring the Penguin Prison track "Never Gets Old" to life. The electro-pop artist blends his upbeat track with the sneakily active lifestyle found within the walls of a retirement complex. Everybody knows the smile that comes to a grandparents face when they get to see their grandchildren: the most sincere expression of love and excitement, all too often returned with a less than decent hug and a mumbled "Hey, Grandpa." Here, Chris Glover takes that legendary smile and creates a music video that pays its respects. Seeing him cruise through the streets in a golf cart and throw down some money on a bocce ball game with the elderly is a genuinely good time to watch.

    We had the opportunity for a quick Q&A with Penguin Prison, picking his brain riding off of the release of his new album Lost In New York. Chris definitely knows where he fits in the electronic scene and its exciting to see where hell be taking himself in the near future.

    What made you choose "Never Gets Old" to receive the music video treatment over the other tracks off Lost In New York?

    Penguin Prison: I wanted to make a video playing off the title of the song "Never Gets Old" so I got the idea to film it at my grandpa's retirement community in Florida. The concept is that I live there next door to him (even though I am not technically old enough to live there) and we do activities together everyday like bocce, riding in golf carts and lots of other things.

    Your catalog is distinctly electro-pop focused; do you see yourself sticking with this or developing your style more towards other electronic genres in the future.

    PP: As I play more live shows with my band I become more interested in developing the music to better fit that setting. So in the future I can see leaving more room for improvisation so we can stretch things out more in the live setting.

    The new album has received praise and favorable reviews, any plans riding off of the success?

    PP: We will be touring a bunch this year- coming up in July we are playing in Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles as well as other cities. Playing live is really the reward after making an album because I get to go to different places and meet lots of people and see how they are reacting to the music I have been making.

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