Another Leak For Dre Fans
    • TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    Whoever this genie is that sees it as their duty to leak the hottest tracks around is alright by me. They are the closest thing to a vigilante superhero we're going to get, and they're pretty good at playing the miscreant of the hip hop scene. Potentially the same person behind the recently leaked Drake and Beyonce track, our modern day Robin Hood has given us another gift - this time from the pockets of Dr. Dre.

    What may have been a track tied to Dre's Detox project, "2Nite" features both Jeremih and Kendrick Lamar over a familiar sample from the Roots. Whenever Dre and Kendrick get together there is a certain connection that's hard to miss; like that of a teacher and student, their flows contradict and fall in together in the best of ways. Its also refreshing to hear a Kendrick track that feels more like something off of Section.80: tough but lighthearted. Jeremih does what Jeremih does here, as well. Always a solid addition to a track, he provides a necessary softness to balance out the record. Whether it was meant to be released or not, its out there and "2Nite" is a gift well received.

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